In their collaborative work «Unfolding», Madelon Pels and Polina Grinberg are playing games according to their own rules. The artists got to know each other in autumn 2015 at the AKI Academy of Art & Design. The idea of working together on a project came to them as they shared their thoughts on art and the way they prefer to work. They wanted to create pieces, which would allow both artists to make equal contributions while developing a common visual language.

The series of images Folded Drawing is a modification of Cadavre Exquis – a game invented by André Breton and other Surrealists. The (two) players take turns to draw on a piece of paper. The first player starts the drawing and then folds his part so that the others are not able to see it for the most part. The next person will have to continue from where the first one stopped, without knowing what actually has been drawn before. At the end of the game, the sheet gets unfolded and the participants can see how their pieces have come together.

In Domino the artists «stitch» together photos from their archives, looking for similarities in their artistic process. They also share personal events and impressions from their past to find analogies.

In Copy Memory the artists make replicas of each other’s drawings to create a set of cards. Please feel free to play the resulting memory game.

Madelon Pels (1988, Amsterdam) graduated 2014 from the AKI, ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design. Polina Grinberg (Moscow, 1984) currently lives in Koblenz, Germany and has studied at the AKI in the autumn of 2015 thanks to the Erasmus Scholarship.

Dynamo Expo, Enschede
17th of January – 12th of February 2016

Polina Grinberg
Dynamo Expo